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CAMDEN COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) — The election results everyone has been waiting for have finally been released: the write-in votes.

Camden County released its list of write-ins, and the candidates did not disappoint. Let’s get right to it.

Gritty was a popular choice on Tuesday. The Flyers mascot received 14 votes in Camden County alone: 2 for Sheriff and 10 votes for various boards of education.

But there were so many other great write-ins, including plenty of dead people and fictional characters.

For Senator:

  • Roy Halladay
  • Paul McCartney
  • Both Are A Disgrace
  • Jesus Christ
  • Mike Trout
  • Mickey Mouse

For House of Representatives: 

  • Charles Dickens
  • Babe Ruth
  • Nick Foles
  • Donald Duck
  • Literally Anyone Else

For Sheriff: 

  • Chickenfoot
  • Carson Wentz
  • Someone Else Please
  • Elmo
  • Bubba The Love Sponge

Board of Freeholders:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Cardi B
  • Drake
  • Offset
  • Larry
  • Moe
  • Curley
  • Spongebob
  • Frodo Baggins
  • Harambe

These are all worthy candidates.