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SEATTLE (CBS) – Residents in a Seattle apartment building are getting a break on their rent next month.

It’s thanks to the landlords who say they’re inspired by the Bible’s teachings.

Mickey Bambrick and Kory Slote-How scrimped and saved for a year to be able to give their tenants a month off.

They were inspired by a teaching in the bible that says debts are forgiven every 50 years.

“He wanted to do this hard-hitting Christianity thing, and I was like they already know we’re Christians, he drives around with a 4 by 4 foot bible on his car. It’s not like we have to tell them about it,” said Mickey Bambrick.

Bible's Teachings Inspire Landlords To Give Tenants 1 Month Free Rent

“It paints religion in a nicer light than you’re used to seeing,” said resident Eric Staples.

Mickey and Kory are not asking their tenants for anything in return for the gift, other than they start paying their rent again in December.