By David Spunt

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — On Salmon Street in Port Richmond, a block west of I-95, these holes continue to grow by the day.

“It’s just aggravating,” says Maryann Hagan.

Hagan first called Salmon Street home 66 years ago—she’s never seen this before.

“I was afraid my car was gonna get stuck in the hole,” she says.

Hagan’s neighbors believe it’s a dangerous situation for their kids.

“I really can’t have him out here anymore because I’m scared he’ll go by one or those holes over there,” said Lauren Kaznica.

What started two weeks ago as one hole, quickly turned into two holes here on Salmon Street.

To protect each other and visitors, residents took matters into their own hands.

“We kept calling the city quite a few times. Nobody showed up so there was barriers in the alleyway. Me and the neighbor drug them out and threw them over the holes,” said William Hagan.

This sinkhole is one of several spotted around the city this summer and fall. On Oct. 15, neighbors in West Philly had a similar problem.

A spokesman for the Philadelphia Water Department tells CBS3 crews inspected the Salmon Street site and found a hole in the sewer. He said crews would be out on site later Tuesday evening to close the road.

“We will return to begin the repair process as soon as possible after the proper utility notifications have taken place. We thank the neighbors in this area for bringing this to our attention, and apologize for the inconvenience,” officials add.

An inconvenience yes, but neighbors call it more of a hazard.

“Looking at it you can see there’s nothing underneath the street. There’s no dirt. Nothing. It just terrible!” said Hagan