By Greg Argos

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are plenty of bad habits which can negatively impact your health. But new research shows hunkering down at home, grabbing the remote and settling in for a binge-watching marathon could actually kill you.

Scientists at the University of Minnesota analyzed data from as far back as 1987 and looked at more than 15,000 individuals who developed deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots in their legs.

Researchers found those who binged watched TV were nearly two times more likely to develop the potentially deadly clots even if they were otherwise active and healthy.

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“I’m not surprised,” said Dr. Riyaz Bashir, a cardiologist at Temple University Hospital.

He says certain groups are more likely to develop the clots.

“People who are very obese are at higher risk of developing blood clots. People who are very tall can develop blood clots because their veins are big,” says Bashir.

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But anyone who just has to catch up on the last 16 seasons of NCIS can be affected if they’re not careful.

“Any prolonged sitting, like you take a long flight, predisposes you to blood clot formation,” says Bashir.

So he recommends shorter bouts of TV time and plenty of stretching.