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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Bench Judge Steven O’Neil told Bill Cosby the day has come, the time has come, before sentencing him to no less than 3 years behind bars.

It was a sight to see, famed comedian Bill Cosby taking off his suit jacket and tie and being walked out of the Montgomery County Courthouse in cuffs heading straight to prison.

In April, the 81-year-old was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault for the drugging and molesting of former Temple administrator Andrea Constand.

Cosby is best known for his portrayal of America’s dad, Dr. Huxtable, now the first celebrity to see jail time in the #MeToo movement.

“He should do the time,” said one woman.

“What he did was wrong,” said a man when asked about the sentencing.

“I hope others go. The others deserve jail time too,” added another woman.

Over the two day sentencing phase Cosby’s defense team pushed for house arrest, Judge Steven O’Neil flat our refusing that proposal.

Timeline: How Bill Cosby Ended Up In Prison

Attorney Damian Jackson believes the sentencing was appropriate.

Jackson says Cosby’s age and deteriorating health played into the decision.

“The judge interpreted all of those factors,” said Jackson.

Cosby was sentenced to a minimum of three years and maximum of 10 in state prison.

“I think had he been a 40-45-year-old male in relatively good health, I think he’d probably gotten sentenced much more severely,” said Jackson.

One woman says it’s sad because there’s a different side of him and part of her childhood is “tarnished.”

Now the judge could have sentenced Cosby to 30 years behind bars.

The comedian will have to pay a $25,000 and reimburse the county for court cost.

His attorneys say they plan to appeal this case.