By Pat Gallen

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– Whether you’re chillin’ in the sand or riding some waves there’s something for every one of the more than 9 million visitors that head to the Wildwoods every year.

“So as you can see we have beautiful beaches, it’s five miles of free beaches in the Wildwoods,” said Ben Rose with Greater Wildwoods Tourism Authority.

There’s also something for every dog. Did you know that Wildwood has its very own dog park? It’s located between Glenwood and Maple Avenues at the boardwalk.

“You know, it’s no secret that people love their dogs nearly as much as their children, and in a few rare cases more, maybe. And dogs are a part of the family. And if Wildwood’s going to be sort of a cool contemporary place, you know, dogs are a part of that formula,” said Jack Morey with Morey’s Piers.

SummerFest Heads To The Wildwoods

Credit: CBS3

In fact there are two parks, one for big dogs, like Finn and Hobbs, and another for smaller dogs. And to get the dogs excited, there is a massive fire hydrant sculpture.

“The fire hydrant is 35 feet high, it used to be a slide. A kids slide,” said Morey. “We had it for a number of years. It was time to retire the ride. And man I just hate throwing cool stuff away. I like to re-purpose things.”

In some spots, Wildwood’s beach is massive. So, to alleviate that, they allow you to park on the beach.

“Parking on the beach is one of the newest features of the Wildwood beaches. Here at the Baker Avenue Parking lot, cars can come on if they’re 4-wheel drive and park on the beach for a small fee of $10,” said Wildwood Beach Patrol Captain Ed Schneider.

If you’re not up for a spin on the beach, then let the Wildwoods do it for you. They have beach taxis available for you.

But if you’d like to see the beach in a whole new way…forget the taxi. Why not take a spin in a monster truck?