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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new study finds teenagers exposed to second-hand smoke are at a higher risk of developing respiratory issues than teens who are not.

Researchers looked at more than 7,000 non-smoking adolescents. Those exposed to tobacco smoke at home, or for an hour or more within a week, reported more shortness of breath and a dry cough at night.

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They also had more visits to the emergency room or urgent care.

The research was published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

  1. Unfortunately the journal Pediatrics does not yet seem to have the study published on its website so it’s a bit hard to evaluate it. The article here on CBS Philly is almost certainly taken purely from a press release, and the source of the press release is unknown and quite possibly from an antismoking advocacy organization that can afford to write and send out multiple press releases like this during the course of a year to advance its goals.

    Without access to the studies in question articles like this are worthless and should not be released. Sources for articles like this should also be revealed. Would CBS print a press release article from Philip Morris saying smoking cured cancer without making any note of the source they got the story from?

    – MJM

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