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HAMMONTON, N.J. (CBS) – There are many long-running traditions in this Atlantic County town. From acres of farmlands to a growing number of vineyards, CBS3 set out to explore Hammonton!

Even a weekday morning is a busy time at Bagliani’s Market on 12th Street.

With regulars at the register, generation after generation keep coming here.

“You kind of know everybody wherever you go,” said cashier Maria DiBona.

SummerFest Heads To The Blueberry Capital Of The World: Hammonton, New Jersey

In a town that’s heavily Italian-American, Bagliani’s Market links the generations. It started selling its Italian sausages in 1959, and the recipes, and the family ties, are the same today.

Assistant manager Paul Bagliani is fourth generation.

“It’s almost like, it’s a memory,” Bagliani said. “It’s something that people can go back to and be sure that no matter what, the sausage is going to taste the same.”

Only a few minutes outside of town is a taste of France.

“Our growing climate is very much like Bordeaux, France,” said Larry Sharrot of Sharrot Winery.

Grapes thrive in the rocky soil here at Sharrott Winery. With 11 miles of vines in all, producing 96,000 bottles of wine every year, Sharrott Winery draws customers to the cafe to enjoy a glass with their food and take in the view.

“They’re getting products here as good as you can get almost anywhere in the world here,” he said.

And Sharrott is not alone. In this part of South Jersey, there are six wineries within 10 minutes.

“The winery community is tight. If any of us have an issue we can call on each other for help and, of course, we can all go drink at each other’s venues too.”

On the country roads, you’ll spot farm stands like 206 Farm Market, which started in 1934.

“This week we’ve got blueberries, Jersey corn and peaches. We have zucchini and cucumbers also,” William Monzo said.

The blueberries and peaches come straight from his back yard. So do the blueberry plants, potted and ready to take home.

“I raise them myself from the stick to the bed, then in a pot, then our for sale after a year.”

If you can’t find someone behind the counter you can serve yourself and pay into a money box on the honor system.

“We do the self-service because we can’t be there all the time,” Monzo said. “Everybody’s honest.”

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