By Anita Oh

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EXTON, Pa. (CBS) — Julie Bogle, 14, and her 11-year-old sister Mallory have always been close.

Now, they’re bonded together by a different title: business partners.

“It’s really fun. We do argue sometimes, but it’s better having another person to do it with you,” Julie said.

Last year, these budding entrepreneurs decided to turn a jewelry-making hobby into a hustle, launching Loopholes Boutique out of their Exton living room.

Credit: CBS3

Their interest in the craft began after watching their mom create pieces for friends and family members just for fun.

Now, they use the website Etsy to post their pieces, most of which cost less than $10.

After seeing the girls’ posts on Instagram, Monkey Fish Toys, a local, independent toy store offered to sell the jewelry in-store.

The sisters decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the in-store retail sales to their local SPCA and to the Rainforest Trust.

“We care about animals and we care about this so we figured some of the money we can donate,” said Mallory.

The sisters make and package each piece, post the listings online, and advertise on social media and that’s on top of juggling the demands of the fifth and eighth grades.

“Lots of homework, especially algebra,” said Julie.

Their work ethic isn’t surprising to parents Jeff and Jill, who have raised their daughters to collect more moments than material things.

“We don’t have the latest of anything,” said Jeff. “Our TV is ten years old, and that’s fine with us. We’d rather spend the extra money we have in having experiences.”

The well-traveled family has visited countries across the globe, and those snapshots inspire these strands and studs, crafted by the hand, from the heart.

“For me, my dream is to be walking around a city or somewhere and to see someone wearing my earrings. That would be really amazing,” said Mallory.