By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — No matter where you are your life could change in an instant.

One moment you could be snapping a photo on your family vacation, but in the next you could be called to save someone’s life.

That’s exactly what happened to Graterford Correctional Officer Shaun Skursky when his family trip to the Avista Resort in Myrtle Beach instantly turned into a call for help.

“We were going to Myrtle Beach to just get away from the weather,” said Skursky.

Skursky says he went to take his 7-year-old daughter swimming and that’s when he heard a woman’s scream and knew something was wrong. He grabbed his son out of the hot tub and realized a 12-year-old-boy  was stuck in the suction line in the lazy river.

“I just saw what was going on and I jumped in the pool,” said Skursky.

For eight minutes Skursky, and another passerby who happens to be a correctional officer as well, passed air underwater to the lungs of the young boy.

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“I dove down, I was giving him breaths underwater, and the both of us couldn’t get him out,” said Skursky.

A family member ran to the front desk and told them to have maintenance shut the pumps off.

After a period of time that felt like forever, the North Myrtle Beach Police showed up.

Unbelievably, when helped arrived, the boy who was submerged in water, broke through the surface and lived.

“When you have a incident like that it’s run to the incident, take care of it first and think about it later,” said Skursky. “I’m just glad he’s alive and that he’s doing well.”

Vittoria Woodill