PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Probiotics offer a number of benefits to your overall health.

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Most of the time, we’re told that probiotics keep your gut strong and healthy by boosting your immune system, keeping your weight in check, helping digestion, and a lot more other helpful ways.

However, new evidence shows that probiotics do even more to strengthen your overall health.

Researchers from Emory University say there is growing evidence that probiotics are also good for your liver.

Taking too much acetaminophen, a medicine commonly used to treat pain and fever, and otherwise branded most-widely known as Tylenol, can cause liver damage.

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Specifically, they found that good bacteria can protect against liver damage.

According to the global science publication, EurekAlert!, “the researchers found that mice receiving the probiotic treatment suffered less liver damage when presented with an overdose of acetaminophen compared with mice that did not receive probiotics.”