PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police have identified a 46-year-old man who they say was gunned down in broad daylight, in front of his 17-year-old son, and just minutes after dropping off his tw0-year-old child at a day care on Monday.

Police say Erik Everhart was fatally shot in the chest near Germantown Avenue and West Cayuga Street in the city’s Nicetown neighborhood around 8 a.m.

Shortly after, police swarmed the 2100 block of Tioga Avenue, about 15 minutes away from where the shooting took place. Police found a white Mercedes work van believed to be the suspect’s vehicle at that location.

Investigators are trying to determine if their suspects are two deliverymen who were working out of the truck.

Everhart was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center in critical condition, where he later died.

On Monday night, police say Darnell Snell, 49, who was a person of interest in the case, turned himself in.

Authorities are investigating at a third scene that may also be connected to this deadly shooting.

darnell snell

Credit: (CBS3)