WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Police in Wilmington are currently investigating what they say is a parked “suspicious vehicle” that “may contain an incendiary device” in a parking lot near the Wilmington Blue Rocks stadium.

Police responded to the Riverfront parking lot, south of the Chase Center, around 11:30 a.m.

The Wilmington Police Bomb Unit and the local ATF are working to identify what is in the vehicle.

Two school districts issued a message to parents as students were attending a game at the stadium.

“According to authorities, a suspicious car, possibly with an incendiary device, was discovered at Blue Rocks stadium in Wilmington where many Colonial students were attending a game. All Colonial buses were parked in an area away from the vehicle and have been safely evacuated so students can return to school. As a precaution, Colonial’s lead security officer was dispatched to the scene to ensure the safety of our children. All students will be dismissed at their regular time. We will continue to keep parents informed,” said the Colonial School District.

The Red Clay School District also issued the following message to parents in regard to the “suspicious vehicle” investigation.

“Due to police activity, students from Richey, Highlands and Richardson Park elementary schools will arrive back at school a little later than anticipated from a Blue Rocks game today, April 18, 2018. Students will be back to school by the end of the instructional day and dismissal will occur as normal,” the district said.

The Blue Rocks say the incident was in a parking lot near the stadium, but it did not affect the game and it went on as scheduled.