By Jessica Dean

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Friday was a time Philadelphians all rejoiced as temperatures reached the 80s and the sun shined brightly.

It’s been a long winter and residents were ready to finally ditch their coats.

For months, residents did all they could to avoid the outside as snow and ice forced their way into March and April.

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Credit: CBS3

But Friday brought the sweet sounds of sunshine and the 80s.

Yes, just about everyone was waving hello to spring.

People smiled. They even lingered in the sun with friends. They seemed happy.

You can’t waste days like these–they require plans.

“I’m definitely going to probably go to my friend’s house and ask to play basketball with him because it’s always fun when I do that,” a resident named Charlie said.

It would be wise to follow Charlie’s lead and have some fun in the sun because what’s the point of getting through a brutal winter if you can’t find time to enjoy its end and spring’s new beginnings?

Soak it up, Philly, you’ve earned it.

You too, spring. That’s why it gets three cheers.