By Ukee Washington

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —Some students in Montgomery County want to help save the community money, so they’re having some fix-it fun.

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Old electronics might have life in them yet, but often, a repair costs more than a replacement. So fourteen-year-old Theo Coleman is digging into the innards of a leaky espresso maker.

“So we got the top off,” he said. “There’s a screw stuck in the filter cap. That’s why it’s broken. It’s like chipped, so we’re going to have to remove it and replace it.”

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Right next to him, fellow student Aiden Brennan is trying to crack a case, a Bluetooth speaker with a weak battery.

“We’re trying to open it,” Aiden said. “We just need to remove these screws, and then we can look at the battery on the inside and then figure out how to fix it from there.”

This is the Last Chance Repair Club at the Souderton Charter School Collaborative. Members of the community bring in household items and the kids try to fix them for free.

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Awen Hofmann, who is 14, said, “A lot of Americans normally have the throwing-away mindset, like after something breaks at all. But we want to learn how to fix things so that we can help our community.”

Teacher Jeannine Dunn said the students were inspired by videos of repair cafes in Sweden and wanted to try their own.

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“I don’t know how to fix things,” Jeannie laughed, “but sure, we can give it a try.”

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And the students been teaching themselves. Businesses and community members are donating tools and materials.

“We’re going through screwdrivers like crazy,” Jeannine said.

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Sadly, for some of these appliances, this last chance will be the last gasp. Not everything can be saved, and people understand.

“They might not get their thing back because it might be broken beyond repair, or we might break it more when we’re trying to fix it,” Aiden said.

But you can’t fix it if you don’t try.

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To contact the Souderton Charter School Collaborative, call 215-721-4560.

Ukee Washington