PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Simultaneously the most and least popular generation currently alive, millennials are always under the microscope as the world tries to figure out how the generation operates and what makes them thrive.

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This time, instead of trying to declare millennials as spoiled, entitled, emotionally fragile, ill-prepared for reality, or insert any other fitting negative adjective, Wallethub decided to find out which states rank the best for millennials in terms of quality of life.

Wallethub’s “2018’s Best & Worst States for Millennials” looked at affordability, education and health, quality of life, economic health, and civic engagement.

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Their findings state that the top three places overall for this generation are Washington D.C., North Dakota, and Minnesota.

Pennsylvania ranked 13th out of the 51 places observed.

New York ranked 19th, while New Jersey came in at 32nd, with Delaware right below it at 34.