PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak claims that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t respect people’s privacy. Wozniak made the statement in an exclusive interview with CBS3 on Tuesday.

“Mark Zuckerberg certainly recognizes the importance of privacy – he bought a house and then bought all the houses around it. He recognizes the importance of privacy but doesn’t respect it for others and that won’t change, that’s part of personality,” said Wozniak.

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Zuckerberg was on the hot seat on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, as he was grilled about the Cambridge Analytica scandal where 87 million Facebook users had their data breached. Zuckerberg promised that Facebook would self-regulate and add privacy measures.

“I’m committed to getting this right,” said Zuckerberg.

Wozniak, who recently shut down his Facebook account, has been tossing around his own idea on how to fix the privacy issue.

“I’m going to start talking to other people I know and friends and start to dream up ideas what it would take,” said Wozniak.

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A recent poll shows 63 percent of Americans have lost confidence in Facebook and the social media platform’s ability to keep user data private going forward. Wozniak says he doesn’t want his decision to leave Facebook influence anyone else, but encourages all social media users to really think right now about their privacy and what their data is worth.

“A few months ago I started scanning it and found out what this addition trap was all about,” explained Wozniak. “It wasted so much of my time and I got so little out of it.”

Wozniak went from feeling like time on Facebook was a waste, to feeling like the platform violated his right to privacy in the wake of the social media company’s data-sharing scandal.

“I’ve had a distrust and bad feeling, but really over recent times with Cambridge Analytica, the fact that information that I thought was private was shared with people with political purposes, that was maybe a breaking point,” said Wozniak.

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Wozniak believes the data-sharing scandal has “sparked” a new awareness and possibly a change to how we use – and how much we use – social media in the future.