VILLANOVA, Pa. (CBS) — Hundreds of the Villanova University students gathered on campus Friday afternoon to load on to buses and hit the road for the Final Four in San Antonio.

The students making the trip to Texas were the lucky winners out of 700 lottery entries, however they did have to pay $40 for their tickets plus the cost of their flight.

The whole time, many were chanting, “Let’s go Nova!”

It’s roughly 24 hours until the big game but these 300 or so students are ready to cheer for their Wildcats.

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“I think this is like the ultimate college experience. This is exactly why I came to Villanova and I’m excited,” said Jessica Lantz, a junior at Villanova.

Many of the students know that a lot of other college students never get a chance like this. They never get even one chance to hit the road and watch their school team play in the Final Four, let alone two in three years.

“We are so spoiled! My parents went to Nova. I have been a fan and we have never been this good. And I don’t take it for granted. We are so lucky! So go cats,” said Villanova Senior Scott Dunleavy.

It Might Be Safe To Declare The Villanova-Kansas Winner As National Champs

The Wildcats have their work cut out for them in Kansas, but seniors Matt and Scott are feeling good.

“Think we beat Kansas in a squeaker by like two. But I mean, if we don’t win, still the final four is an amazing season, but I think we’re going to win the whole thing,” said Scott.

“I agree. If we beat Kansas, I don’t see us losing in the National Championship,” said Matt.

Nova Junior Matt feels that whoever wins this game will be the favorite moving forward.

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“Kansas is awesome. Like a really good basketball team, and I think that the winner of this game is going to win the National Championship,” he said.

If Nova does advance, the students will stay for the big game on Monday.