PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —Congressman Tom Massie from Kentucky joined The Rich Zeoli Show on 1210AM WPHT to discuss the rumors that Paul Ryan would be stepping down as Speaker of the House.

“When it comes time for ‘your’ congressman to pick the next Speaker, insist that they pick someone who didn’t vote for this Omnibus Bill,” Massie said. “If someone followed our leadership over the cliff on the Omnibus Bill, then that person is not qualified to lead us around the next cliff.”

Massie said the following about the $1.3 trillion spending bill passed by congress and signed by President Trump on Friday: “One-hundred-forty-seven republicans have disqualified themselves from being the next speaker in my opinion, because that’s how many voted for this Omnibus.”

Massie continued, “We tried three times to get rid of John Boehner (as the Speaker of the House) and the third time, we were successful that was probably the brightest day in my time in congress, the day he announced he was leaving, and then my worst day was when my colleagues turned around and elected Paul Ryan.”

On the Omnibus Spending Bill, Massie said, “I have resolved that my job in congress now, is to pull back the curtain and shine the light where they don’t want the light shined, and that doesn’t make me a popular person, good guys get to congress and they end up getting tricked into voting for things like the Omnibus.”