By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The AIDS Fund’s 19th Annual Black-Tie Gay Bingo is being held Saturday evening.

Robb Reichard, executive director AIDS Fund explained the main objective of Black Tie Bingo.

“Ultimately, our goal is to raise funds for the most vulnerable people living with HIV and AIDS in our community,” he said.

He says money raised goes to raising awareness of HIV and AIDS. It also goes to their “from all walks of life” fund, which helps people living in poverty with small grants for things like a security fund or first month’s rent to keep them from becoming homeless.

“It’s hard to maintain your health if you’re living on the streets. It’s hard to maintain your health if you don’t have a bed to sleep in,” Reichard said.

This year alone, Reichard says, the AIDS fund has given out over 400 grants to people in need.

“It really does keep people in housing or help people to get into housing,” he said.

And our very own reporter Cherri Gregg is being honored at this year’s event.

“Who has continued to shine a spotlight on the HIV and AIDS epidemic in our community, along with her reporting on poverty, medical issues,” said Reichard.