By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA( CBS) — Three members of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl squad have joined another team – a wealth management firm – when they are off the field. They’ll help other players manage money during and after their NFL careers.

Eagles special teams captain Chris Maragos, linebacker Jordan Hicks and tight end Trey Burton, who just signed with the Chicago Bears, after throwing that “Philly Special” to quarterback Nick Foles in Super Bowl LII, are partners with TopTier.

The industry pros at the Grand Rapids, Michigan wealth management firm are Austin Nelson and Mike Brusko, who grew up with Maragos in Wisconsin.

“Chris and I have been best friends since high school,” Nelson said.

Nelson says in addition to managing money for NFL players, the other side of their business is wealth management for business owners in fields like technology and manufacturing. The goal is to tie that in with second career planning for players.

“If the fit is correct, then we’ll connect our families or individuals with players when it’s time to hang up their cleats,” Nelson said.

Hicks’ playbook includes mentoring fellow NFL players.

“We’ve all heard the stories of people who are getting ripped off,” he said.

While looking out for their best interests, he wants to improve their financial literacy.

The players say they constantly get hit up with ideas and schemes with high fees, but what they need is sound, smart financial advice.