KAUKAUNA, Wis. (CBS) – A high school senior in Wisconsin is using a 3D printer to get a three-legged golden retriever on all fours.

Grey, a loving golden retriever, was born with only three legs.

Kaukauna High School’s engineering teacher met the dog at a puppy training class.

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That’s when one of his students made it his mission to help by designing a prosthetic for Grey using a 3D printer.

“Mr. Lawrence’s engineer group was tasked with the idea of making a device that would help someone with a disability so this project had to come along and it fit in that category,” said Kaukauna High School senior Ben Brochtrup. “The comfort isn’t quite there yet so we are still working on that, but we are definitely getting closer to the end. We had to get it approved by a small animal vet at first just to make sure that it is safe and that it’s not going to affect his limbs.”

The prosthetic can adjust to Grey’s height as he grows.