By Vittoria Woodill

SEWELL, N.J. (CBS) — Hard work and dedication are paying off for a group of South Jersey cheerleaders. In Sewell, nine all-stars of the South Jersey Storm Twisters are taking the region by storm.

Nicknamed the Twisters, they are an all-star competitive special needs cheerleading team. They do it all, stunts, tumble and shine.

In fact, they’re so bright that they were selected to compete in a World  Cheerleading Competition coming up in Florida, where they will perform in the Cheer Abilities Division!

“What are some of the things you do in the routine?” Vittoria Woodall asks one of the girls.

“Go up in the air!” she answers.

They’re fearless as they smile, giggle, and joke during their practice.

What happens when they perform is even more impressive.

“My favorite part of the team is stunt with my friends,” says another one of the talented girls.

Their coach, Shelly Nolan, is constantly rooting for them.

“I was a cheerleader. I really want them to have that experience,” said Nolan. “We want to highlight what they are capable and able to do. And we are not trying to show that they need assistance doing anything. It’s all about their abilities, not about a disability in any way.”

They know this chance is something special. The girls are truly committed to excelling in their sport.

The girls do need a little extra push to get them all the way to Florida.

If you’re interested in helping the Twisters achieve their dreams in Orlando, CLICK HERE.

Vittoria Woodill