PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Are you feeling extra tired?

After all– when we turned the clocks ahead on Sunday– we lost out on precious sleep.

Conveniently, Monday was “National Napping Day” and while it might sound silly, a quick snooze is scientifically proven to be beneficial.

“Once in a while if I’m in my office and I have a little bit of a break,” said one man.

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“When I was in high school, I got called out for sleeping in class,” another man said.

March 12, otherwise known as National Napping Day!

You won’t get the day off, but you could try for a nap, thanks to a Boston University professor, who made the designation in 1999 as a way to shine light on the importance of time spent in the dark. And having sprung forward this past weekend, it comes at a good time.

“I definitely don’t get enough sleep but try to make it a priority,” one woman tells CBS3.

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Experts say sleep benefits everything from your immunity to your metabolism, even your mind.

So, go ahead and drift off, saw some wood, catch some ZZZs.

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