ELSEMERE, Del. (CBS) — Police say one person is in custody after a pipe bomb was detonated in front of a home in Delaware early Monday morning.

Sources say that Mark Consiglio was arrested for allegedly placing a pipe bomb that detonated in front of his estranged wife’s home on the 1300 block of Cypress Avenue in Elsemere shortly after midnight.

Police say that authorities found two other pipe bombs and another M-80 in Consiglio’s home on the 700 block of Baltimore Avenue.


Mark J. Consiglio

Credit: Delaware State Fire Marshal’s office

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No one was injured in the explosion, but one window to the home sustained damage.

Josh Brothers tells CBS3 his niece was the target of what they describe to be a pipe bomb as part of it blew a hole in the front window.

“By the looks of it, it looks like he was trying to take the family out,” said Brothers.

Family members claim the marriage fell apart and efforts to reunite with his wife failed.

“He’s been in the family for a lot of years, so you’d think he’d have some respect for them, and, you know, not hurt his kids in the house and other family,” said Brothers.

Shaken neighbors who know the family question why someone would go to these lengths.

“It’s crazy. There’s really no words for it,” said neighbor Lindsey Shea. “It could kill somebody, harm the family, anything. There’s also a little one living at that home as well.”

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Investigators would not comment on particulars of their work, except to say there is a definite link to the two locations.

“The information that we obtained on Cypress Avenue brought us here to the 700 block of Baltimore Avenue,” said Delaware State Assistant Fire Marshal Michael Chionchio.

Police say there is no further threat to the public.

Consiglio is charged with manufacturing, possession and use of an explosive device. His bail has been set at $106,200 and he is being held at Howard Young Correctional Facility.