By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross says he will not rush to judgement on whatever was said earlier this week by District Attorney Larry Krasner, when the DA met with a group of police recruits just before they graduated from the Police Academy.

A spokesman for the DA released a poorly recorded video cell phone portion of the presentation, but he calls “wildly inaccurate” claims made by police union leader John McNesby, who was not there.

McNesby claims Krasner intimated to the next generation of officers not to shoot to kill, when they can hit someone in the arm in violent encounters.

Commissioner Ross says he had a candid conversation with Krasner.

“He told me, ‘look, I don’t remember exactly,’ but he knew what his intent was, and it certainly wasn’t what was construed by many,” said Ross.

Ross says Krasner told him to look at the video and talk directly to more people who were in the room.

“He said ‘I don’t want to mislead you into telling you I didn’t say something that maybe I said or was misunderstood,'” said Ross.

Krasner swept into office as a change agent DA, after spending 30 years as a defense lawyer, suing police for civil rights violations more than 75 times.