PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A citywide Parking Amnesty Program will open its enrollment on March 1.

The program is set to allow individuals with parking violations issued prior to 2013 that are either unpaid or partially unpaid to be forgiven. This amnesty program will also apply to those with towing and storage fees prior to 2015.

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell introduced the bill originally in 2016 after the Philadelphia Parking Authority was bombarded with complaints due to booting or towing vehicles for parking tickets that were written ten years earlier.

The measure requires that drivers first pay off all tickets given after 2013 or pay a $50 fee if a driver hasn’t received a ticket since 2013.

A state auditor says that the Philadelphia Parking Authority has failed to collect more than $580 million in outstanding tickets since 1990, which suggests that income from outstanding parking violations will neither be helped nor harmed.

“We have to do what we think is best,” said Blackwell.

Enrollment for the 2018 Parking Amnesty Program will begin March 1 to April 30.

For more information on the Parking Amnesty Program, CLICK HERE.