By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Are you ever bothered by the way E-ZPass obstructs your view or ruins the aesthetic of your ride? Yeah, didn’t think so. But some people do obsess over such matters, and now an automaker says it has a solution for them.

Audi tucks this tech into the rearview mirror, so you can skip sticking the toll transponder to the windshield.

It’s called an “integrated toll module.” Manufacturer Gentex says it works with any pay-to-drive road in the country (though it’s unclear if the definition is so expansive as to include Downbeach Express).

Through the car’s information/entertainment system, you can change settings for HOV lanes and switch off the pass.

A video from the company reveals it has bigger plans for the system — including use on ferries and for parking lot access.

“…[it] stands to become a platform for in-vehicle payments, eventually facilitating transactions for gas, coffee, and other items.”

It’ll especially help drivers who use multiple toll accounts, and those who Google ‘ways to conceal toll transponders.’

Audi says it’ll land in “select vehicles” out later this year.

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