By Molly Daly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A personal finance website’s ranking of the country’s most and least culturally diverse cities finds Philadelphia within spitting distance of the top 100.

Wallet Hub’s recently released study looked at 501 US cities, comparing them based on ethnicity and race, language, and birth place.

Although we’re first in football, when it comes to ethnic and cultural diversity, Philly is 104th. More “multi-culty” than Milwaukee, but less so than Las Vegas.

Aronte Bennett, an associate marketing professor at Villanova University says she finds the city’s ranking surprising.

“I think it says that, while we are in the top half of the country, we have more space to grow,” she said.

Bennett says there’s a lot to gain when people intermingle.

“The main benefit is exposure. Exposure to people and cultures and options that you might not have when you live in a less diverse area,” she said.

Beyond offering wider dining and cultural options, the benefits of a city’s diversity also extend to the workplace.

“Diverse work teams have been shown to have improved outputs relative to homogenous workteams,” Bennett said.