By Dom Giordano

Philadelphia (CBS) – One day after the tragic shooting in a Parkland, Florida high school, where 17 students and teachers were killed, House Speaker Paul Ryan joined The Dom Giordano Program on TalkRadio 1210 WPHT with his thoughts on where to go from here.

“First, we need to just assess what actually happened. There are more questions than answers right now. For instance, when we had a shooting recently in Texas, we learned that this guy in Texas should not have gotten a gun because he was a domestic abuser but his records from the Air Force didn’t get into the instant check system. So, as a result, we passed a bill, with other reforms, but mainly that fixed the instant check system. That’s common sense reform because if there are people who aren’t supposed to get guns, they shouldn’t get them and we [have] to make sure that’s the case.”

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Ryan went on to say that more information on the shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is needed before enacting additional reform.

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“We don’t know enough about this shooter to know the story behind him. Were there warning signs? Why was he expelled? There was some story about a backpack ban or something like that. The point being, we just don’t know what the circumstances are. You got to pray for these victims, people who are still struggling, in surgery today. I just think what you don’t do is knee-jerk and let’s just take away a citizen’s rights. Let’s make sure that people who aren’t supposed to get guns, don’t get them.”

Ryan also praised the continued success of December’s passing of the tax reform bill,

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“I think a lot of people turned on the news in December when we passed this bill, heard Nancy Pelosi say it’s armageddon, it’s apocalyptic. Heard liberal pundits say how awful this was, no one is going to be benefited. Then when the actual law occurred, and the facts are occurring and reality is setting in, people are like ‘wow, this is what Republicans said it would be.’ Today, it’s the employers to change their withholding tables and that means by the end of this month, 90 percent of  all wage earners in America, will get a tax cut, will get a bigger paycheck because less will be taken out of their paycheck. “