By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — This Philadelphia Eagles love story has gone viral.

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It was an Eagles love fest on Broad Street Thursday afternoon, not only for the players, but for two complete strangers who shared a kiss and took a picture in the middle of the street.

Eagles blogger @shamus_clancy on Twitter, tweeted out the famous World War II photo of a sailor and nurse kissing in Time Square. A random woman on Twitter, Ashley Sudder, let him know that she would be up for recreating the photo and direct messaged @shamus_clancy on Twitter.

The two figured out the logistics, got together, and made the photo happen during the Eagles Super Bowl parade on Thursday.

Shamus will be on SportsRadio 94WIP on Friday at 6:20 p.m.

“I threw it out there just as a joke,” Clancy told Eyewitness News.

With no expectations, he received a promising response from an Eagles fan named Ashley Suder.

“You know it might be funny if I respond to this not expecting to get anything in return and then he responded back to me,” Suder said.

The two met for the first time during the actual parade. Clancy had his spot picked out at the Pep Boys on Broad and Federal Streets.

After saying hello for the first time in person, the two walked out in the middle of Broad Street and locked lips.

If something about their parade picture looks a little familiar, it’s because Clancy and Suder wanted to recreate the famous 1945 V-J Day photograph taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt.

“People keep saying to us they’re not exactly the same and we weren’t going for it to be exactly the same. We wanted to put our own little twist on it and we were just having fun,” Suder said.