By Cleve Bryan

WILLIAMSTOWN, NJ (CBS) — With her eyes wide and mouth full of gauze, Haley Parks from Williamstown woke up from wisdom teeth surgery terrified she missed the Super bowl.

As she came out of anesthesia, her mom recorded the conversation about the true and hilarious nature of Haley’s love for the Eagles.

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Thanks to social media, the Eagles got the message, and in response to the viral video on Friday, the team offered Haley two tickets to the Super Bowl.

“At first I was like, OMG everyone is going to see this and I’m never going to hear the end of this when I get back to school but now that I have Super Bowl tickets, I’m not complaining, that’s awesome!,” Haley told Eyewitness News on Saturday afternoon before rushing off to the airport in Baltimore.

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Haley’s bringing her dad Bob and together they’ve been scrambling to get ready and go to Minneapolis.

“We’ve been long time fans through thick and thin. I think it’s a great gesture that they saw that and recognized a true fan with true emotions and did something like that. I think it’s great!” says Bob Parks.

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By the way, if you haven’t seen the whole video, it’s three minutes that’ll make you laugh and cry as an Eagles fan.