By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — But where does the cake come from?

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DJ and Producer Steve Aoki kicks off his Kolony North American Tour next week with a stop slated for Philadelphia on Sunday February 11th at The Fillmore. He brings with him a sight and sound spectacle, a heavy dose of his new album Steve Aoki Presents Kolony, and of course cake.

“We carefully select the best bakery in town” laughs Steve Aoki.

A staple of a Steve Aoki show has become his “caking” of the crowd, tossing sheet cakes into the audience to the delight of all in attendance. He’s a confectionery crusader, showering fans in cake for over seven years.

With that much practice, he seems to have it down to a sweet science.

“There’s a six page cake rider” explains Aoki. “So I have one specifically for the cake, and I take it very seriously because it’s very important. There is certain specs, a certain ingredient base. You know, I want it to explode all over your face.”

“Hopefully Philly’s got some great bakers because people want the cake.”

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Aoki estimates he has “caked” at least fifteen-thousand people at this point, and the crowds in Philadelphia are some of the most deserving of dessert.

“I always remember my Philly show. My Philly shows are always just, rowdy” says Aoki. “The Philly crowd is a rowdy crowd. They’re like loud, they rage hard, they party hard, and it’s always just one of the sweatiest, craziest shows.”

“You can’t think about what kind of makeup you have on because you’re gonna sweat it off, and you’re gonna probably have cake all over you so it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.”

Steve Aoki | Credit: Brian Ziff

Aoki’s set in the city promises to me another epic evening for the forty-year old musician. His latest effort intertwines exclusively with hip hop and has produced some of the biggest bangers of his career.

“Hip hop is bigger than music” Aoki exclaims. “It’s part of American culture, which is telling of what’s happening right now. It’s part of every genre, whether it’s pop music or EDM. I was very honored to work with so many of these artist before they are impossible to work with.”

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Aoki comes fully loaded to the Fillmore on Sunday February 11th. Listen above to the full interview with Steve Aoki, or click here.