By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a new after-hours spot now open in Center City Philadelphia.

It adults only, but spend a little time there and you’ll probably start to feel like a kid again.

“Concourse (Dance Club) is an underground retro dance club,” explains the club’s Rose Brownell. “You have your bars, you have your night club, we’re kind of that middle ground. Super fun, super laid back.”

And yes, while it’s 21 and older to get in, you’ll quickly start to think of your childhood when you enter because…

“We have a ball pit which is the first of it’s kind in Philadelphia,” says Brownell. “You won’t find a ball pit anywhere else except for McDonald’s. It’s super cool, it lights up, the balls are clear, there’s floats inside.”

It’s not just the ball pit that shines bright though.

“When you walk in you’re going to see this super, kind of trippy light system,” Brownell says. “And then music, you can feel it in your bones, it’s super loud. You see really cool decor on the walls.”

Like cassette tapes for example. There’s also classic arcade games and some other features that’ll take you back.

“Vintage photo booth,” Brownell says. “Take some pics with your friends. We also have a ‘Pop Rocktail’ going back to your roots when you were a kid eating that candy.”

There’s no dress code at Concourse. Just some old school fun.

“It’s super unique,” adds Brownell. “You won’t find anything like it in Philly right now.”

You can experience Concourse Dance Club for yourself on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s located at 1635 Market Street.