By Ian Bush

MINNEAPOLIS, MN. (CBS) — The NFL is putting on a big game this weekend in Minneapolis featuring a team from Philadelphia, but these players are from a startup company, hoping to win a different kind of competition.

It’s ‘Shark Tank’ meets the Super Bowl.

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“We have a product that’s incredibly portable, incredibly low-cost, very objective, and importantly very fast,” said Patrick Carney.

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Carney is quarterback — OK, CEO — for EyeGuide, the Philly company named a finalist in the league’s “1st and Future” event. It’s designed to highlight innovations for athlete safety and performance.

EyeGuide Focus is a non-invasive test for concussion or other neurological impairment.

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“By having 1,200 data points collected in just 10 seconds, this device is very powerful to help flag that there may be an issue and it may warrant further clinical intervention or medical care,” he said.

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Players can be tested at the beginning of the season, on the sideline after a bad hit, and during recovery.

If their pitch wins on Saturday, EyeGuide gets $50,000 and two tickets to that other game.

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“What could be better than to bring this technology out to the world through this event while we’re rooting on our Eagles?” Carney said.