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PHILADELPHIA (CNN) — A “pay what you can” cafe in Fargo, North Dakota hopes to expand.

We took a look to find out how the restaurant plans to grow, when customers don’t have to give a dime.

Customers will notice something’s different, after glancing at a big laminated piece of paper.

“We don’t have any prices on the menu,” said Leola Dual, Heart-N-Soul Founder.

Square One is usually used by professional chefs without a kitchen, but on every fourth Sunday of the month, they host this “pay what you can” cafe.

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She says some customers do pay small amounts while many others leave a heaping dose of tips.

“It’s a good way to come together, to meet others and. I feel everybody deserves to have a healthy meal,” said Dual.

Volunteers helped make the idea of freshly grown meals come to life.

“So these girls are from the Girl Scouts and so they made black bean brownies last night,” said Dual.

Others grow the produce from their home.

“Greens from a gentleman who does greens indoors, so you’re able to have them in the winter,” said Megan Myrdal, Head Chef.

Megan was the volunteer head chef Sunday.

She prepared what they call lunch bowls, made to order meals which only uses fresh, local ingredients

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“Grains, proteins, vegetables, sauce, and then they can choose if they want to have cheese or a crunch at the end,” said Myrdal.

Since starting up, their volunteer base has grown to about 200 volunteers.

Fargo Cass Public Health agreed to host more of their cafe’s, making a Heart-N-Soul a more than once a month operation.

They’re always looking for more volunteers, but be prepared to eat before they hand you an apron.

The suggested price is seven dollars, but they’ll take anything you can offer.

Daul says Heart-N-Soul is among the more than 150 “pay what you can” cafes across the country.

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