By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Wherever there are Eagles fans there’s always a pep rally.

It was no different at Modell’s in Clifton Heights, as the line spiraled around the store inside and out.  Everyone was waiting for Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson.

Mike McFadden was first in line.

“I’m feeling excited I’m energized. I wish the game was tomorrow,” he said.

One by one Lane signed autographs for excited fans. We asked him how he’s feeling heading into Super Bowl week.

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“I feel good. Practice has been going well, I’m just trying to keep in a good rhythm and do stuff like this in the little spare time we have,” Lane said.

Lane sported the signature underdog t-shirt he helped to make popular by wearing a dog mask as the Eagles have consistently been considered underdogs.  He’s sold thousands of shirts with all proceeds benefitting the fund for Philadelphia schools.  And a new logo is on the way.

“The new shirts are gonna be printed shortly and I’m looking forward to that,” said Lane.

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“I feel like the Eagles are gonna win the Super Bowl because every year it’s been the exact same thing. I think it’s going to change,” said Sean Nolan. “We’re on a hot streak right now.”

From bedazzled jackets to eclectic Eagles gear, fans showed up and showed out with Lane leaving them with this message.

“We’re not finished yet, that’s it, we’re not finished yet,” he said.

CBS3 has learned that the new t-shirts will be available Wednesday at Chickie’s & Pete’s.