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PHILADELPHIA (CBS)-  Komen Philadelphia is hoping to CRUSH New England before the big game!

Komen Philly has a bet going with Komen New England about who gets more registrations for their Race for the Cures between now and Feb. 4, the day of the Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots.

If Philly wins, Komen New England will update their Facebook cover and profile pictures with pro-Eagles messages and share a video of their staff cheering “Fly Eagles Fly!”

“Of course we are going to win so that the Massachusetts affiliate has to turn every thing green and do a video and do all kinds of rah-rah Eagles, far out never should happen,” said Elaine Grobman, CEO of Komen Philadelphia. “We have prepared a video with pictures of their players, our whole staff dressed in red, white and blue.”

To show your Philly pride, you can register yourself and your entire family before 10 a.m. on Feb. 4. If you register by Jan. 31, you can also save 10 percent.

In the case of a tie, the Race with the most donations during the term will be declared the winner.

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