By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A couple of loyal fans show their unbounded devotion to a beloved team by naming their child after a player on the Super Bowl-bound Philadelphia Eagles.

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A baby boy born at Jefferson on Thursday is named after sidelined quarterback Carson Wentz.

Unlike his namesake, this Carson is tiny.

Carson’s parents Mo Vy and Catalina Huynh-Vy have been long-time Eagles fans. Before their son was born, they decided to name him after the star quarterback.

“I think he’s an amazing athlete for sure,” Carson’s father said. “He’s a great all-around guy.”

And just like the quarterback who had an early exit because of an injury, this little Carson had an early entry.

“Maybe it’s a little like serendipity, like destiny,” his dad said. “Carson went out two months before the Super Bowl. He’s coming out two months before due date. It’s kind of like just perfect timing.”

Carson wasn’t due until March 16. He was born Jan. 25.

“It’s just in time for the big game,” his dad said.

These first-time parents are predicting a Super Bowl win for their new 4 pound- 8-ounce mini Eagles fan.

For now, baby Carson is being carefully monitored at Jefferson, where the ICU nurses made him a customized poster.

A quick check of records in Pennsylvania shows there was an uptick in the number of babies named Carson back in 2016 when the Eagles drafted Wentz.