By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Adrian Galvin is an artist, a dancer, and a musician currently making feelings-forward indie pop under the name Yoke Lore.

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“Yoke is a yoke that holds oxen together as they till the fields” explains Galvin of his music moniker. “It’s used rhetorically as any kind of binding agent. And lore is like a set of stories usually in an oral tradition.

“I am convinced that you find real value in life where things come together and where things are bound to one another.”

The music of Yoke Lore and his study of relationships has been hopeful in projecting a positive message in a sea of negativity. It’s working as his music keep popping up in TV projects and has seen the spotlight of Spotify. The streaming giant’s embrace has picked up steam for the young artist and his bright, wistful anthems.

“I’m trying to really explore and assess the kind of ways in which things are connected and to tell stories about my connections and the integrity of those connections, and how they are weak and how I can make them stronger.”

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Yoke Lore | Credit: Shervin Lainez

For Galvin, the message of some music has lost its way and that’s why the subject matter of love and togetherness has become so important to him.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on right now in pop music and just the music that young people are listening to right now. There’s a lot of not so great ideas being thrown around and some not so great mental attitudes or intellectual attitudes” laments the young artist. “I know I sound like some third grade parent who’s angry that there kid was cursing in kindergarten or something, but that’s what I see.”

“These kids are running around, repeating lines about women and drugs and money and stuff, and that’s it. It’s scary. I’m trying to infuse some good ideas back into pop music.”

The quest continues for Yoke Lore with his latest Goodpain EP and a tour that stops in Philadelphia on Tuesday January 30th at Johnny Brenda’s.

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