By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — What appears to be a warm and happy Abington home, is actually a house divided.

“He has been on board with the Eagles all season up until now so that’s all I’ll say,” said Krissy Breslin.

“I’ve been on board with the Eagles and their success for you!” her husband Matt fired back with a smile.

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The Breslins met while attending St. Joes University. Krissy is from Philadelphia. Matt is from Boston. Clearly, that has become an issue.

“Krissy is generally like, ‘Will you be quiet and stop talking? We’ve heard enough. All you Patriots fans are so obnoxious…you’re so arrogant,’” Matt added.

At the center of this family face off, three-month-old free agent Eamon, who has yet to decide on the Eagles or Patriots.

“I think he’s wiping his drool with the Tom Brady jersey!” said Krissy after her husband placed a tiny Pats jersey over the equally tiny Birds jersey that their son was wearing.

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While Eamon seems quite pleased to be in both Eagles and Patriots attire, his parents plan to swap his team gear during the Super Bowl’s halftime.

The consequences of the game will likely be quite significant for the baby, as his parents have decided that whatever team wins on Feb. 4 will become “Eamon’s team” moving forward.

Krissy adds that once he is old enough to choose, the choice will be up to him.