By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Archdiocese is preparing to launch its annual Catholic Charities appeal.

This the 60th anniversary of the Catholic Charities effort for the archdiocese.

Archbishop Charles Chaput, speaking at an event in Wynnewood on Thursday, announced the fundraising goal.

“The goal this year is $12.5 million, and that’s a lot of money, but not nearly enough to take care of all the needs. But we think it’s a reasonable goal considering all of the responsibilities that we have,” he said.

Chaput says the contributions support so many needs and help so many, regardless of their faith.

“It’s used to feed the hungry, to give housing to those who are homeless or are about to lose their homes. And to comfort the afflicted, people who have needs on so many different levels of their lives,” said Chaput.

He says last year’s fundraising goal was exceeded and the hope is for a repeat.