By Justin Udo

MORRISVILLE, PA (CBS) – Freezing temperatures are creating lingering ice jams on local water ways bring both concern and excitement.

In Moorisville, Bucks County the Delaware River is drawing attention from spectators, and leaving man in awe, as the river has frozen all the way to New Jersey.

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“I’ve never seen it like this,” one man said. “It’s one beautiful thing to see.”

Delaware River Looks Like Sea Of Ice As Ice Jams Causing Minor Flooding 

“Now that I see it, it’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen,” another woman added. “I’m really into the whole winter atmosphere, so just seeing the snow and ice and everything I just think it’s beautiful.”

With temperatures getting a little warmer, many are left asking the same question.

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“I just wonder how long it will take to thaw, and when it will, and how it will affect the level of the water,” one resident said.

Moorisville police chief George McClay says the ice needs to melt pretty fast, and water levels need to rise about 30 feet for them to have to worry about flooding.

Ice Jam Causes Flooding Along The Delaware, Snow For Mid-Week Too 

“If there is any flooding we will evacuate immediately to our local schools,” he said.

McClay says Moorisville Emergency Management is constantly monitoring the river, and say they have everything under control.

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He adds that if things take a turn for the worse they’ll immediately notify the public.