PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The curious shot of Markelle Fultz has left Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown dumbfounded.

“I’m old and I’ve never experienced anything like this,” Brown said Monday, according to Sixers beat reporter and 94WIP radio personality Jon Johnson.

The number one overall selection in this past NBA draft was supposed to be an integral addition to a young and promising core, instead Fultz has shown poor shooting form in less than a handful of games and he is still working his back from an imbalance in his shoulder that has sidelined him since Oct. 23.

Brown told the media about Fultz’s situation:

“When you start looking at what he did, and his free throws, and how he got — he’s a rise-up guy. He’s a live-ball, off-the-dribble, rise-up guy. Loading up, and being like, Kyle Korver type, that wasn’t what he was. He was a wiggly, do what he wants to guard. And so, when you go back, and you say, ‘How do you find that again?’

Whether it’s just as a free-throw shooter, whether it’s as a rise-up — cause if I’m 6-5 and you’re not point guard, I can just shoot over you — or it’s live ball, people back off, bam, he gets open when people go under a pick-and-roll. How we find what he was, is what I’m most interested in now. As far as like, taking that and moving a hand or release point, or something, we’ll deal with that after we’ve found home plate.”

Whether if the Monstars from “Space Jam” stole his talent or it’s mental, the Sixers brass and head coach value Fultz, especially having traded up to select him.

In short, there is no answer as to why a premiere collegiate scorer has turned into a shell of himself in the pros.

Fultz joins a long list of top picks by the Sixers that have played less than half the season in their rookie year. The list includes Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor and Ben Simmons.

Two of the aforementioned are no longer with the squad, as they see limited minutes with their new teams. Meanwhile, Embiid and Simmons are on the cusp of possibly playing at the All-Star Game in February.

The Sixers and their fans are hoping Fultz joins the latter rather than the former.