By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (BCS) — It echoes from bar stools and tailgates, front yards and front row seat.

Six letters shouted with the kind of fury that only an Eagles fan can provide.

And never has it sounded so sweet.

“E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!” shouted two-year-old Shailyn from the living room of her Levittown home.

Shailyn has become a viral sensation after an adorable video of her singing the entire Eagles fight song was uploaded to social media.

Before her parents knew it, the video had been shared by national sports outlets and earned over one million views.

“There’s a guy that I work with that walked in while I was sitting there and he said, ‘Eric, this doesn’t happen to be your daughter does it?’, said Shailyn’s dad Eric,  “I said actually it is!”

It was the very energetic toddler’s grandfather who introduced her to the love of the Birds.

“He was just always singing the song to her and it was just a big deal for him and she just kinda picked it up,” added Eric.

Shailyn ran with it, and has been singing the fight song proudly throughout her home since.

She’s still years away from face paint but if opposing fans wonder why Eagles fandom is so ferocious, they need to remember that here… we start them young.


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