PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Florida to Maine deep freeze that devastated getaway plans last week was expensive for travelers. But KYW’s Jay Lloyd notes that the cost for getaway seekers can be controlled.

: Rocky Mountain Getaway (Jay Lloyd)

Rocky Mountain Getaway (Jay Lloyd)

In recent years, hibernation inducing cold snaps, hazardous highways, hurricanes and idled airports have cost travelers a bundle as climate change grips all four seasons. Last week, we saw the impact of a rare winter cyclone. It’s time to reinforce the need to protect the travel budget. Foul weather can be fairly well predicted a week out. but getaway plans are made months ahead. When booking, insure that trip. And look for a policy that covers weather related cancellations plus health care. Regional getaways don’t usually require insurance – trips to the shore, Poconos or bay. Your own health insurance should cover a sudden trip to the local hospital. But even when traveling regionally check out your hotel or resort for punk weather cancellation policies. A dreary, rainy day is not likely to be included. When planning your trip, talk to your insurance broker about a low-cost policy to cover all your bases.


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