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As temperatures begin to drop and winter approaches, your children will begin to spend more time indoors. To limit screen time this winter season, encourage your children to read more. Of course, this is easier said than done. Below are some tips on how to get your kids to read more during the winter and into the New Year.

  • Take a visit to the library. Children enjoy being able to pick out their own books to take home. The library also offers several programs to encourage reading. Whether it is a specific story time every week, a book of the month club that is age appropriate, or read-a-thons that give out prizes for completion, nothing beats going to the library to encourage reading.
  • Talk to your child’s teachers about the latest series and fads in reading. Teachers at PA Virtual Charter School always keep up with the latest reading trends for the grade levels they teach and educators around you should be able to make recommendations too! You can also ask for suggestions at your local bookstore.
  • If your child is already hooked on a series, find out when the next book in the series comes out and reserve it for its release date. A lot of book stores will even host release parties for very popular book series (think Harry Potter and The Hunger Games).
  • Throw your own book release party! If your child loves a book series, their friends might love it too. Host a read along, with themed snacks and activities to go along with the book. You can even include jokes or activities only people who have read the series will understand.
  • Read to your children. It may have been a while since you read to your children, but nothing is more impactful to your children than one-on-one quality bonding time. If your children are older, look into some audio books or even an audiobook subscription.

Did you know PA Virtual Charter School not only educates through technology, but also provides books picked specifically for your child’s educational needs? To learn more and see if PA Virtual may be a fit for your child, go to pavirtual.com