NEW CASTLE, Del. (CBS) — A man and a dog are safe after becoming stranded on an icy creek in Wilmington, Delaware.

First responders were called to the Brandywine Creek, near South Park Drive and South Market Street shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday.

img 20180107 225914 1 Man, Dog Rescued from Icy Delaware Creek

Credit: Wilmington Fire Department

A man, who was attempting to save the stranded dog, became trapped on the creek after a frozen patch of ice broke off.

After a nearly hour-long rescue operation, both were pulled to safety.

“It’s difficult, in general, just trying to rescue a dog out of any situation. They are very timid, usually very scared, you have an unknown person approaching them wearing different type of clothing and equipment, and then you put in the hazards of ice,” said Wilmington Fire Department Lt. Andrew Cavanaugh.

Neither the man or dog ever actually went into the water.

Officials say both are doing fine.



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