By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Cold, icy weather can be a tremendous roadblock to some nonprofit organizations that depend on the volunteers.

Aid For Friends is a non-profit organization that provides free meals to folks who need them.

“Our folks are isolated, homebound,” says Executive Director Lynn Trombetta.

She says they rely on volunteers.

“We match up our client friends with a visitor. The visitor is a volunteer and the volunteers take the food to the person once a week. They get seven dinners each,” Trombetta explained.

But things don’t always run smoothly, especially in the Winter.

“Sometimes with bad weather, the volunteer cannot do it. They’re afraid to drive in the snow and ice so they’ll call our facility, which is very difficult because we only have a couple drivers,” said Trombetta.

When drivers don’t arrive, neither does the food; and, Trombetta adds, for many of their clients, these visits are the only companionship they get.

“It makes a difference in how they view the world during this time of year,” she said.

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