By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you donate blood to the American Red Cross this month, you’ll receive a special treat in return courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts of Greater Philadelphia.

“Every presenting donor will receive a medium, warm coffee and donuts for the entire month of January,” explains Guy Triano with the Red Cross.

The Red Cross and Dunkin’ Donuts join forces each year for this promotion. They officially launched this year’s campaign on Friday at the American Red Cross Blood donation Center in North Philadelphia.

“(It’s) an annual relationship that’s second to none,” says Triano. “It is priceless. We see a three to four-percent lift in blood donors coming out to receive this medium, warm coffee and a donut.”

(credit: Andrew Kramer)

“We do notice a lot of customers taking advantage of it,” adds Jessica Weissman with Dunkin’ Donuts. “They really look forward to it and they get a little added incentive for rolling up their sleeve and giving blood.”

She says Dunkin’ is glad to help any way they can.

“This annual partnership that we have with them is so important because it impacts so many lives throughout the region,” Weissman said. “We love giving back and supporting the communities which we are in.”

Triano says they run this promotion this time of year because the Red Cross tends to get less donations in the winter months, especially after a storm like the one that just hit the area.​